Google Maps API Programming Guide

Google Maps API Programming Guide
Google Maps API Programming Guide
AuthorsMasashi Katsumata, Kazuhiro Furuhata, Kentaro Ishimaru, Yukio Ando
Special ThanksGOGA, inc.
Price3,150 yen
PublisherImpress Japan, inc.
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This book is written by four Google Maps API Experts in Japan as "How to use Google Maps API for Smart phones in the age". I recommend this book to the next to read Google Maps API Programming ABC. This one intend to developers as already know about Google Maps API v3. You'll need to know each technologies, view of iPhones and Androids, Google App Engine, Google Fusion Tables, Geolocation API, Places API, and PhoneGap, etc..

The other theme is "techniques at your job". I wrote several ways which were used in the jobs I developed. I think one of the key points is "MVCObject" class. MVC means "Model-View-Controller". Google Maps API implements most classes as framework. Getting a bigger system, it's a important point. I introduce how to use MVCObject class in this book throughout hands on creating a map with a side bar.

This book is written in Japanese though, maybe you can understand if you can read codes and pictures. If you have questions, feel free to ask me from inquiry form.

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  • Greeting

  • Section1 : Introduction

    • 1-1 What is Google Maps API?
    • 1-2 Google Maps API family
    • 1-3 Environment for developing
    • 1-4 Transition from Google Maps API v2 to v3
  • Section2 : Hello World

    • 2-1 Getting latitude and longitude
    • 2-2 Show a map
    • 2-3 Show a marker with info window
    • 2-4 Creating a map with a side bar.
    • 2-5 Documents & FAQ
  • Section3 : Leverage Maps APIs

    • 3-1 Process many markers
    • 3-2 Change design of map
    • 3-3 Creating a styled info window
    • 3-4 How to create a custom control?
    • 3-5 Fusion Tables Quick Hands-on
    • 3-6 Show prefecture polygon
    • 3-7 How to show specified data with Fusion Tables
    • 3-8 Creating a rich map on mobile environment(especially Japanese mobiles)
  • Section4 : Use in mobile sites

    • 4-1 Static Maps API v2 for mobile sites.
    • 4-2 HTML5 and Geolocation API for smartphone sites.
    • 4-3 Using javascript frameworks for mobilles.
  • Section5 : Mobile Frameworks

    • 5-1 How to use Google Maps API in Android Application?
    • 5-2 PhoneGap
    • 5-3 NimbleKit
    • 5-4 Corona and MapKit
  • Section6 : Combinate with Google App Engine

    • 6-1 Introduction about Google App Engine
    • 6-2 Points until bringing in.
    • 6-3 Hello World on Google App Engine
    • 6-4 Search places using Geolocation API and GeoModel
    • 6-5 Publish on Google App Engine
  • Section7 : Introduce Maps APIs Applications and other technologies

    • 7-1 Maps APIs Applications
    • 7-2 Google Places API
    • 7-3 Google Fusion Tables
    • 7-4 Google Maps API for Flash
    • 7-5 Google Latitude API
    • 7-6 Google Prediction API
  • Appendix : Introduce about Google Maps API Premier

    • Plans of Premier licences
    • TOS differences of free Maps APIs and Premier APIs
    • Abount using in smart phones.
  • Introduce authors

Google Maps API Programming Guide

Four Google Maps API Experts wrote this book. Introducing useful examples for developers!
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